JOE 03.20.15: Boosted Boards

Since the snow's all melted away here in Huge Dork City and the streets are dry and grippable, I charged up my Boosted board yesterday and took it out, immediately reassured that this is one of the coolest things on the planet.  

This is an electric longboard. It's got a sleek motor on the rear wheels that can boost you up just over 20mph with a push on the handheld bluetooth throttle. All the wiring is underneath the griptape and the motor's pretty quiet so when you're whizzing around on this thing it can seem pretty surreal. I see a lot of perplexed and curious faces. I also get some cool shout-outs. Last night a guy on a bike laughed and yelled "Nice motorboard! Heck yes!"  This was after I passed him. I pass cars too, all through the city, and many cut me off because nobody expects a dude on a skateboard to be going so fast. It's dangerous. I should get a helmet.  

The battery can take you about 7 or 8 miles per charge, depending on the rider's weight and average speed, how many hills you take, etc. (Boosted says you can save battery by going slower which is a ridiculous suggestion.)  It also recharges a bit when you brake, like an electric car.  (The ability to brake is killer.) At home, you plug the board into the wall and it's fully charged in about 90 minutes.  

It weighs 15 lbs and there's some resistance on the motorized wheels so it's not ideal for skating around once the battery dies. You can do it but it ain't fun.  You also can't ride it through water/rain without risk of shorting it out which is a major downside.  These cons got nothing on the pros, though.  I feel like Batman when I ride this thing. Edge-cutting. 

Boosted started producing these on a large scale just last summer but it probably won't be long before you start seeing them all over the place. There are some competitors popping up already too.  Try one if you have the opportunity.  And get your pedestrian ass outta the street if you see me coming.


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Posted on March 19, 2015 .