JOE 03.13.15: Run the Jewels 2


I finally got around to listening to Run the Jewels 2. Lord have mercy, I love it. Have mercy, mama! Holy merciful mama, love some hip hop with me.

Run the Jewels 1 was pretty good. 2 is mega. The production is fantastic and the MCs are in top form. Killer Mike is intense and intelligent. El-P is cool and subdued.. They're a mighty duo, and I've liked each of them on their own, but here their vocal/lyrical skills are multiplied mounted on this brilliant electronic backbone. ---Music is evolving so well. My blood approves.

Some of the beats on this record are invigoratingly fresh. A few are so good I slow down when I'm walking to relish in them. I'm thinking specifically of my favorite tracks "Love Again" (which has the worst vulgar hook to have on a loop in your head all day) and "Blockbuster Night Pt. 1" but there's hardly a weak track on the album. Big props to Little Shalimar who had a hand in producing, and Wilder Zoby and let's not forget Boots.

Amazing, electrifying, badass record. And good news for you: it's free to download.


Posted on March 12, 2015 .