Joe 02.06.15: Broad City

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, kudos to those guys. They're hilarious. Paired perfectly. Their skills are on point and the show feels much realized --humor honed and ripe ready. But it's only just begun its second season and I must assume it's primed to improve!  I keep hearing people comparing Broad City to Girls but that's like comparing Seinfeld to Friends and why would you do that? It's a bad idea. Comparison is the thief of joy, people. Quit thievin'.  

Researching just now for this endorse-post I discovered all these shorty webisodes on the show's website which very webisodes I'm assuming were precursors to the Comedy Central show. There's a whole gang of these which means I won't get any work done tonight when I get off work. I'm at work right now, btw. (Picture me, reader, at work in a suit in midtown, sitting behind a large mixing console with a four-foot rack of wireless mic receivers on my side, my EQ, my phones, and my Comrex brand digital telephone hybrid.  Picture me here at the back of this midtown ballroom, looking out at the backs of a hundred other suits and business haircuts and a giant projector screen with some graphs on it. These are real meaningful graphs to somebody. Picture me ignoring the numbers fumbling out of the mouth of this guy at the podium over there as I tap away on this laptop googling "Broad City" for an acceptable link and image to show you. I can look down and tap quietly but I sure as hell can't just start watching webisodes.  Picture me here eating corporate coffee break cookies, content to do a mediocre job at my job today. Green and red LEDs jump and blink all around me.  That's good, yeah, you're doing great, now picture me huge and tan and shirtless with a big oiled up beer belly, riding into the cafeteria on a rhinoceros.  I lean over smiling hazily and bite hard right into its back and the rhino's like 'dude knock it off' and I go 'you're talking finally!' and he goes 'we went to elementary school together so so long ago, do you remember?'. Now picture me one more time, exactly how you like me best and just hold that image there in your mind forever.


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Posted on February 9, 2015 .