Seth 02.27.15: Exposure of Chicago PD's CIA style 'Black Site'

This is the sort of horrorshow that shouldn't be shocking in our current state of USA affairs, and yet...


This Tuesday, Spencer Ackerman, writing for The Guardian, exposed the existence of a site in Chicago operated by the police department wherein detainees aren't read their Miranda rights, aren't booked in any way or allowed phone calls, and ARE routinely subjected to torture techniques, and in at least one instance, killed (or 'allowed to expire' if you wanna get nice and Orwellian). Check the article here:

The CIA has been running 'Black Sites' in other countries for quite some time, disappearing people that never have a chance to defend themselves, and the issue tends to remain abstract in our minds when it is 'over there'. But you know, it somehow breaks into sharp focus when such practices are 'brought home', as they often inevitably are when corrupt governments have the reins. Since the writing of the piece, folks have already begun speaking out about their personal experiences.

Take this article from The Intercept as an example:

I endorse Mr. Ackerman's exposure of the disturbing issue. I endorse the brave people that are speaking out after having been the victims of psychological operations perpetrated by an organization that is supposed to protect them.

It isn't too much of a leap to wonder if such sites exist in other USA cities, and if they do exist, I hope that the above will help expedite their exposure as well. 



Posted on February 26, 2015 .