Mark 02.20.15 Mekong Delta Cafe

222 N Charles Street, Baltimore, MD


I'm in Baltimore for the weekend, kicking it at the American Craft Council Show at the Convention Center downtown (come hang, Baltimorians!). And my opinion has always been that's difficult to find good, authentic food in the inner harbor area. Until now. A little off the beaten path, in what appears to be some sort of corporate-y shopping center food court, unglamorous and inconspicuous, lies perfect Pho. If you're a Pho-fan like myself, you'll flip. Well-balanced aromatic and tangy home-made broth with tender slices of chicken (or rare beef if you prefer). It's clear the owners of Mekong Delta have been doing this exact thing for a very long time. And why would you change if you got something so right? If you find yourself in the downtown Baltimore area for whatever reason (like, you showed up to our show here Saturday a couple hours early), and you're hungry for something perfect and satisfying, go to Mekong Delta. 


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Posted on February 20, 2015 .