SETH 02.13.15 An Endorsable News Quilt!

I can’t zero in on one endorsement today. Instead, I’ll make a quilt out of some very informative news articles I came across this week and finish off with some life-affirming beauty for balance. Ok, let’s go!

Have you been paying attention to the developments in Ukraine? Supposedly, after a heated 17 hour grillfest a multi-point ceasefire agreement has been reached in Minsk. Here is a point by point breakdown of the agreement:

This is endorseable news, indeed! The bloodshed must cease! However, I must say I’m not holding of the air into my lungs on this one, for a number of reasons. First of all, if the above agreements are upheld in goodwill by both parties this would be a step in the direction of a greater cooperation between EU/Ukraine and therefore leave trade doors open and relationship patching possible between EU and Russia. 

Given that the US has invested years worth of funds and work into this ‘brokered transition’ (bricks were being laid all the way back in ’91), will our gov’t allow the current Ukrainian regimes only fuel for maintaining power (that is: constant war and violence) to be taken away? Especially after US is saying, now, maybe, prolly should we could aid the Ukrainian regime in said violence.

Before these ceasefire agreements materialized, did you think US should help the Ukrainian regime kill their eastern citizens? Cause, unfortunately, I don’t think our leaders asked our permission and were done doing it anyway before making a show of it for public support:

Of course, the Russian leadership has been explaining the topsy turvy nature of US ‘foreign policy’ quite clearly for some time now.

Read or listened to any Putin/Lavrov speeches lately? Lavrov spoke with a Q+A in Munich recently, and he continues to sound, uh, rational and stuff. Meanwhile, I see that President Obama has made a killer buzzfeed video thats, like, uber-funny! 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t think the US has seen a diplomat like Lavrov in quite some time. If you watch the Q+A, it becomes quite difficult to draw any conclusions other than that the media is deliberately poking sticks in his eye like little kiddies looking to provoke a scary bear reaction. Otherwise, they are really this stupid and ignorant of facts repeated and supported ad nauseum...and I don’t really know which is scarier:

You know, I’m finding one of the main things that the ‘enemies of freedom’ like to talk about when it comes to US is that it has become a nation of liars and those who support lies. I mean, so what’s the problem with a lie so long as nobody got hurt? Our entire legal system has been stacked in favor of liars, and just recently this fact became something the Supreme Court is unanimously  ‘a-ok’ to go public with. Check it out:

Back to the Ukraine, I’m interested in how many Americans are aware of the agreement between the former Soviet Union and the US that NATO would not advance on their territory? You know, that NATO wouldn’t surround them with bases, etc? 


Would anybody be so disrespectful as to draw historical comparisons between Naziism and NATO’s aggressive provocations in the name of “collective defense”? This guy would...

So, if we know about all of this (being the globally O.W.L. linked society that we are), what is stopping the anti-war movement? Occupy showed us that the impetus is still there. We’re not apathetic, we’re indeed outraged at the constant atrocities against human life. So what do we do? 

One thing I know is we can utilize our social networks for the tools that they really are because information is manipulated in real time, the cognitive biases of the adaptive unconscious are easily triggered, and crowd effects are particularly dangerous when spellbinders have so much power.

By holding each other accountable for that which we share, believe, and act upon and developing sustained attention to detail can go a long way toward finding creative solutions. The media bangs us all over the head with TERRORISM and CHARLIE HEBDO nonstop, then only a couple weeks later blacks out the hate killing of a Muslim family because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Already on social media after these terrible crimes, I’ve been rather aghast to find ‘liberal minded’ people getting themselves into bigoted arguments equating Islam as a whole with violence. Chris Rock used his free speech to spread the word in the media’s shameful absence and tweet about the community service this family was involved in just weeks before they were gunned down. 





Finally, as promised: I want you to watch this beautiful beauty performance by a dancer male. I am filled with joy watching this guy fly through the air. Can I has this gent’s legs for just one day? I would kick and tumble and leap, oh I would.

What’s that you say? I can have legs like that but only after years of pain and  sacrifice and dedicated work?

Imma watch it one more time...

Posted on February 13, 2015 .