Mark 02.13.15: Common, Be


I was at a restaurant last night and thankfully whomever was in charge of the playlist decided it was a good idea to play Common's 2005 record Be in full. I have to tell you that I was super grateful. I was simultaneously brought back and made present. What a wonderful, meaningful, groovy and tough record. Its sound is organic and forward-thinking and has some of what I think is Kanye's best work--both in production and on the mic. I was floored the first time I heard "Testify". Com's lyrics on the record are inspiring, honest and gritty. That intro synth line just sucks me right in and perfectly establishes the record's mood, philosophy and groove. It's just a damn good record and I was surprised and pleased when I was graced to hear it again. Do yourself a favor and give it a spin.


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Posted on February 13, 2015 .