Joe 02.13.15: Throw Vision

This band is playing tonight at the Bell House in Brooklyn and if you're anywhere near New York you need to scrap your plans and go watch them.

Taja Cheek, Tiff O, Alex Goldberg, Dan Kleederman.

They play a jazzy swirl of soulful r&b indie where singlecoil guits prickle and wash around two beautiful interlocked female voices pulsing and careening over all these left-field rhythms from bass keys and drums- stab poke flam roll drive cymbal cymbal cymbal-bell cymbal))) The sound is so complex! but it's the breeziest joyful music I've heard live in BK in the seven years I've been here. And I see a lot of bands, man. Not that I have any BK bands to put in their category. What's their category? You tell me. Throw Vision isn't typical.

The band seems so natural on stage. Enviably relaxed, right in their element, passing instruments around between songs laughing, and then without cue right into another blindside masterful rendition. Maybe it was just when I happened to see them, around 2am in a nearly empty Kings County Saloon at the tail end of a long night. Maybe the stakes were lowered enough for them to put on an extra carefree show and those of us still clothed and sober enough to pay attention lucked out. I sure as hell felt lucky. And transfixed, bewildered. Where did this come from? I imagined they were all jazz school graduates who'd spent the last ten years with their instruments glued to their hands. Maybe that's the case. I'm not gonna worry about it.

I've been waiting for a chance to see them again since that night whenever that night was. Five months ago? And now they're playing in my very own borough and I can't even go. Damn. My plans are unscrappable: Not Blood Paint rehearsal. With bands like Throw Vision so intensely inspirational I find myself obliged to plumb the musical depths often e.g. Fridays with my brothers in our carpeted basement room, shaping our breath, honing our craft, zeroing in on the best guess as the Goldsmith swells and trembles. Thanks for the joules, guys.



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Posted on February 12, 2015 .