Friday Endorsements 05.15.15

Oh, there you are. You sure are a sight for sore eyes. You may have noticed that we took a little break from Endorsements. In that time we've been doing a lot of looking at things and not a lot of anything else, really.. So, yes, our eyes are sore but it's a pleasure to see (and be seen by) you. Speaking of Endorsements, they're back this week with a bang. Look at them down there and add to the mix. You've had a couple weeks to think about it...

And speaking of weeks, in ONE WEEK we will be back in Philadelphia for the Sundrop Music Festival at The Fire. See?

How fun is that going to be? Our bf's from Michigan Abraham will be there with us and then we'll be with them on Sunday back in Brooklyn at Shea Stadium. This will be our last show in NY for a little while so we hope to see you out there.

Now, let's use our eyeballs for the reason the goldsmith gave them to us: reading Endorsements, duh!

Posted on May 15, 2015 .