Friday Endorsements 09.05.14

The Friday Foghorn has been sounded. It is the day of the week when we endorse the experiences that impacted us - the products, the art, the people, the news. What'd you get yourself into this week?

First, though, something completely different. We have here a little ditty of a tour video made by Mr. Steve Nelson. We're excited to announce that he'll be joining us for THE ANATOMY TOUR 2014. We most completely endorse this video and Steve. We'll all be coming to visit you in less than 2 weeks and we're bringing even more secret spicy special guests! Peep the deets below...

Now on to the endorsing-sing-sing-sing! 

Where Disney Princess Wedding Dresses, Farm to Table Restaurants, and Documentaries about Terrorist Groups Meet!

 Photo by Owens Family Photography

Photo by Owens Family Photography

My sister got married this past weekend! It was truly a wonderful time meeting my new family, getting to know her husband Chris, and celebrating a love that clearly brings out the best in both my sister and her new life time adventure partner. I love you guys!

I have to share one of the most beautiful things I've experienced in quite some time. When my sister was 7 years old, we made one of our first trips to Walt Disney World together. On this trip, we were delighted to discover what our cousin Steve did for a living. Steve is a masterful tailor and makes Disney costumes for the park. My sister was, of course, enamored by the fact that cousin Steve made the dresses for all of her favorite Disney princesses. 

"Steve, when I get married, will you make my wedding dress?" she asked. 7 years old, she was. 

We would have expected her to forget such a dream as the years went by, but she didn't. Neither did my cousin Steve. So this past weekend, he flew up to Indianapolis from Florida to put the final touches on a fairy tale wedding dress for my sister with which any bride would be absolutely enamored. Vintage lace, white feathers delicately woven in, this dress is truly stunning and she was glowing in it. Just look at this dude's face:

 Photo by Owens Family Photography

Photo by Owens Family Photography

So, thank you Steve for realizing one of my sister's lifelong dreams. And, thank you Chris Stansbury for being the man that will occupy those dreams for the rest of your lives together. You both are wonderful! 

On our travels to said wedding, we reached Indianapolis ragged and hungry from our 12 1/2 hour long night journey. 7:00 a.m. with a rehearsal dinner in less than 11 hours away, we needed breakfast and quick. There is one place in Indianapolis that seems to top everyone's list for "Best Breakfast Spot in the City", and neither Ashleigh and I had tried it yet. Cafe Patachou: A Student Union for Adults since 1989. 

Good Goldsmith, this place may just take the cake for "Best Breakfast I've Had in Any Restaurant, Ever". By 7:15, we had before us two pepper-infused and house-made bloody marys, a Piggy Piggy Piggy omelette (pork jowl, bacon, and ham rolled in farm eggs - a ketogenic boy's dream), house-made raspberry preserves, gluten-free toast, and fresh picked berries. They had 5 coffee selections (including a truly amazing house blend) and it was self-serve, so I could try them all. The only thing more effective for my serious caffeine needs at that moment would have been table-side coffee IV drips. 

It was the type of farm-to-table joint that puts hip NYC spots that claim the same ethos to shame. It felt like our waiter knew the farmer that provided the eggs this morning, as well as the hen. He certainly knew everything about where every food came from and actually cared enlighten in a way that was enthusiastic and not condescending. We had a great time! If you come through Indianapolis, you must try Cafe Patachou!


I've saved my political rantings for the end, and I shall try to keep it simple and short. I want to share a really important video from 'Storm Clouds Gathering' on the terror group ISIS, because I think we'll be hearing a lot more about these bloodthirsty rat psychos in the main stream media in the days ahead. Prepare ye for the sound and fury of FOX NEWS. 

I predict that ISIS will become a further "reason" for "humanitarian intervention" in Syria. In other words, though the U.S. government has already tried (and failed) to oust Assad (PUTIN JITSZU BLOCK), it appears that the ISIS CRISIS will be the newest excuse to "remove the dictator" and replace him with a "freedom and democracy loving" puppet regime. The psychopathic 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' manipulation tactic has been in play for way way longer than any of us wish to acknowledge in the U.S. government (I'll never forget the NY Post headlines celebrating the hanging of Saddam Hussein, a man our government helped put into power), but the dynamic can be broken if more and more people stand up and call BS.

Fact: ISIS would not be what it is today if the CIA didn't help. 

It is my conviction that until one does some earnest learnin' about psychopathy that the current actions of the U.S. government, Israel, and the UK will be completely incomprehensible. Why on earth would the 'greatest democracy on the planet' funnel weapons to racist lunatics?! What could possibly be gained? Without a core understanding of psychopathy, the above political accusations will sound like the ranting of a 'conspiracy theorist'. This dismissal of psychopathy as one of the sole drivers of U.S. government 'foreign policy' and white collar corruption all over the Western nations will be at one's own risk. The book Political Ponerology is, as far as I have found, the absolute best place to start. 

Syria IS in serious crisis right now, as ISIS has taken control of more and more land. The Syrian people deserve our support, human to human, and in this case this means at least 3 things:

1) Do some personal research on nature of the crisis in Syria. How did things get to the place they are now? Share these findings with as many people as you can.

2) Support all legitimate means for the Syrian Government and Syrian military to turn the ISIS situation around without intervention from NATO or US. Endorse third party aid that isn't bully aid with ulterior motives.

3) Publicy condemn the U.S. government for allowing American weapons and funds to fall into the hands of murderous thugs when countless steps could have been taken to assure that this never happened. This is considered a crime, and we should be very vocal that those responsible for this failure be prosecuted and charged for said crime. 

Though I am not always a fan of Storm Cloud Gathering's presentation, this little video is direct and to the point and is founded on loads of evidence. I very much agree with his actionable suggestions for human beings who see what he sees and want to do something about it. I thank him for his work. 

Non-linear dynamics can transform the whole system in an instant. Keep looking closely and share what you see. 




Posted on September 5, 2014 .