Friday Endorsements 08.22.14

Oh zaaare you are, Peter!

We've made it to yet another Friday together. So glad you are here. Did you peep on our brand new official viral music video for the song 'Promiscuous' yet? Did you? Everybody else did, so...

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Oh, right right right. You aren't here for shameless self-promotion. You're here to ENDORSE! Unless of course you want to endorse "shameless self-promotion". In that case, you're here for both reasons! Let's get down to our Friday business...

The Unknown Putin Documentary


I've written about Anti-Putin propaganda here before. I've endorsed the process of looking into post Cold War Russian history for perspective on a number of very pressing current world issues. Hopefully without you, dear fellow endorsers, accusing me of beating a dead horse, I thought it might be worthwhile to endorse this documentary, made by Russian journalist Andrei Karaulov, who set out to ask a simple question with more complicated answers than you might expect. The question: what did Vladimir Putin, as president, have to experience between the years 2000-2010? Do you know?

Perhaps you will finish this hour long documentary and call it Pure Pudding Pro-Putin Propaganda. Perhaps you will prefer a vision of President Putin as an anti-homosexual, anti-freedom of speech, murdering dictator.

Or maybe you'll nod your head and say THAT'S CLASSIC PUTIN! Oh my oligarchs! 

From President Putin's perspective, what does a new technological and economic system look like? His advisor Sergei Glaziev recently laid it out pretty clearly.  

It's good to be reminded of how wildly perspectives can and do differ -- even when "facts" are "used". What to do but strive to immerse ourselves in contrary perspectives while trying to avoid being identified with any of them, find the surfaces where they touch, and synthesize. Every day, we are chained between dual polarities -- idealism vs realism, democracy vs communism, democrat vs republican, cat vs dog. They blind us and arrest thought. 

I don't know about you, but I'd like to live in a multi-polar world where leaders are synthesizers and not only tower builders. Alchemists and not just "Deciders". 

Speaking of synthesizers...


Posted on August 22, 2014 .