Friday Endorsements 07.25.14

You didn't think we'd quit, did ya? Did ya!? Always remember: Friday Endorsements are ongoing, whether they dip into 'airplane mode' or not. We silently experience, we silently collect. But sometimes, bloody painters, we've just got to send and receive signals...

But check THIS out! We're endorsing here on our brand new webpagesite. Classy, huh? Simple and direct. And now you can comment right to the endorsement, if you so choose. Now that's advancement and progress, borne from a solid business model with upward mobility built into its target trajectory. 

Speaking of business: we've most certainly booked a higher than usual number of music meetings with you this month. We've deeply felt your presence, and want to thank you for two amazing experiences already this July. Last weekend at King's...holy Goldsmith, we levitated! We danced! It was truly lovely to be with you all.

We have one more show this month and it's a doooooozy. We're playing Out in the Streets at the Onderdonk House this Sunday at 5:00 p.m. However, this is day 2 of a packed weekend festival with tons of great bands so you should probably throw all in and give your weekend to music at this wonderful little farmhouse. Give your weekend to music!


Here is the facebook event page:


Now let's get down! Endorse down! Southbound! Scroll it, sisters...


Open Mike Eagle -- Dark Comedy


This is my kind of down-tempo rhyming, hell yes, Open Mike Eagle.  On first listen I thought it's like Chance the Rapper meets Das Rascist meets Flying Lotus, and that holds true, mostly, I suppose, after many more plays. Kool A.D. from Das Racist even shows up near the end, as does Hannibal MF Buress! (Shout to my man Chris Carr of BK Wildlife who this also reminds me of, and to Chance the Rapper's "hidden" track Pusha Man which gets and makes me extra sad and almost deserves an endorsement of its own.)

The production on the record's incredibly tasteful. The tracks carefully cradle Mike's calm, knowing ramble. I can listen deep into the electronics or let it spin in the background without having to dodge any surprise assault cuts.  And as far as what he's saying, I'm on board with that too.  His is a very modern voice, all media-consuming, aware and fatigued a little by diminishing lines between the scenes.  Comedy, music, social web ubiquity, old and new, high and low brows. 

It's a serious album without being sappy.  And a funny record without being a joke.  I'm into it.  He's playing at Palisades in Brooklyn next month and that's cool news for you, hip hop lovers. See you there.

- Joe

Arizona's Halt on Death Penalty


I'm going to go ahead and endorse the Arizona state's decision to halt further death penalties until an investigation takes place as to why the fuck it took two hours for one man to die. I don't applaud the Arizona government much, but this appears to be a moment of thoughtfulness. 

Seems as though death penalties have been going awry all year, which is awful, but I guess good in a way if it makes the states stop for a second and think about it. Regardless of your position on the issue (mine is that it's stupid bullshit), botched executions should not be happening. So good on Arizona to actually look into it. Or at least say they're going to look into it. And good on them for ignoring inane conjecture: "he was just snoring." Nope. "We should bring back firing squads." Double nope. 

One bright spot is that, considering bureaucratic incompetence, I wager that the executions will be halted for quite some time. I think that's a good thing. 

More info on the whole ordeal here:



The Century of Self: Four Part BBC Documentary 


Now this is a fantastic synthesis of many, many important interrelated threads running through our recent Western world history. Broken into 4 hour long episodes, this series is packed with information on the nature of propaganda (re-dubbed 'public relations') and its theoretical and motivational underpinnings as they developed throughout the 20th century. When it comes to the science of manipulating the irrational crowd, there have been massive terrifying successes (such as, say, the implementation of television) and devastating failures of overreach and hubris (Ewan Cameron's 'Blank Slate' LSD experiments with the CIA). 

We begin with grandfather Freud and his psychoanalysis, move quickly to his almost now unknown (but nearly equally influential) nephew, Edward Barnays and his maneuverings in the world of business, advertising, politics, and bringing 'Uncle Ziggy' to massive popularity in the states. We take a look at Anna Freud, and her disciples (one of whom was 'treating' Marilyn Monroe when she committed suicide). Barnays influenced the german PR master, Joseph Goebbels, and we take a look at some of the currents that lead to Nazi Germany and led to the strategies of the Western world's elites to assure such irrational and dangerous terror-crowds emerge 'never again'. 

Then, yes, the CIA's drug experiments in which it was believed that negative machine tapes could be wiped and replaced with positive, cooperative, and docile machine tapes. President Hoover calls humans 'Happiness Machines'. There must be a backlash, no?

The backlash comes in full hippy form, with the Esalan ranch, with Willheim Reich, with the replacement of the 'bad destructive animal' core with an essentially positive core that is distorted by civilization. There is a policeman in our heads and he must be destroyed! We see humans unleashing their orgone, screaming and biting pillows in New York psychoanalysts' offices. Finally, with the violent and forceful 'training' of EST, we replace the 'positive core' with No Thing. No Inner Self. Freedom through Zero. 

Political activism on the individual level and collective level, null and void. The crowd-control operations of the world's elites in business, politics, and banking - full speed ahead. Welcome to the modern age! 

As I've touched on before, the science of the what is now called 'The Adaptive Unconscious' has taken great leaps in the last few years. These studies are available for us plebs to work with, and I suggest we do so because those who are looking to keep the masses doing and/or accepting their will in this particular tradition have been at this for 100 years now. Time for us to get creative and call their authoritarian psychopathic BS, eh?


Posted on July 25, 2014 .