Who are The Bloody Painters and what do they want from us?

Dear Friends,

We need to tell you something.

Our show on May 7th at Shea Stadium will be unlike any show we've played before and are likely to play again. There's a lot of mystery around this show, and we'll tell you why momentarily. But first, here's what we know so far:
-The show will directly involve a shadowy group called The Bloody Painters. But who they are, to what extent they will be involved and what they will do and why, we do not know
-Our set will be comprised mainly of our earliest material and songs that we RARELY play live. Some of these songs we haven't played in 5+ years.
-There will be a lot of surprises. For everyone involved.

Some background:
On November 21, 2015, while we were in the throes of our Kickstarter campaign, we were alerted that we had received a sizable donation from an entity called The Bloody Painters. The Kickstarter reward they selected was one of our favorites: "Like Bloody Royalty". Here's the description of the reward:

"First, you will be asked to provide us with a Royal Decree of your chosen set list of 7 Not Blood Paint songs. It will be our honor to play you said songs, or it's off with our heads!

On the night of the big show, we dress you up with us pre-show and escort you to the venue. You will be delicately placed upon your throne on stage with us. You will be offered a succulent meal of roast chicken. You will ring a bell every time your goblet needs refilling. Throughout the night, Not Blood Paint will keep the masses at bay and help you navigate all political scandals!

*Sharable! If this reward is redeemed by two people, BOTH the king and the queen will join us for the adventure (NYC only)."

We were intrigued and baffled. Who were they? What did they want? Were they actual royalty? It was soon thereafter we realized we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into.

In the subsequent weeks, we reached out to The Bloody Painters to gather some information necessary for us to fully deliver on the reward. Communication with the group has been very minimal, rather cryptic and has mostly come from someone called, simply, The Caretaker, Esquire, who we gather is a less-than-willing accomplice to this group's goings-on.

Any investigation into who, or what, this group is came up fruitless. They have very little presence online. And we presume they only communicate through encrypted messaging and burner phones.

We even offered of a rendezvous on a boat, under cover of darkness. They predictably declined, though they did send a very strange "ambassador" who said nothing, but presented us with a very beautiful, if discomforting, gift.

They did, in fact, comply with our request for them to provide a setlist. And much to our surprise, it was as follows:

Maxwell's Daughter
Bear Battle of Wolf Crystals pt. 2
Codes Swans Tigers
Taking Root
Lightbulb Blind

Now, you may or may not know that most of these are songs we effectively never play live. Three of them are from our very first EP from 2009. Needless to say, we had to relearn a lot of these songs. That, we're assuming, is of little matter to The Bloody Painters. Why these songs? Why now?

Recently, as the show draws near, we have reached out again, asking if they would name their Royalty. Again, they have declined, stating merely that the Royal will be known on site and to prepare accordingly. What does this mean? They will provide no further information.

All this to say that Saturday May 7th will be very unpredictable and, it's safe to say, very entertaining. We hope you will join us for this very particular evening. Be with us for the adventure of discovering this mysterious group. The stakes are ratcheting up daily and allegiances are very unclear to us at this point. We have no idea what these people, if they are even people at all, are capable of. We'll need you to be our watchdogs. Besides, you’re probably gonna wanna see this go down.  

We'll keep you updated with any developments as this situation unfolds. And if you have any information you'd like to share with us regarding The Bloody Painters, please, contact us immediately.

Yours truly,


Posted on April 29, 2016 .

Friday Endorsements 05.15.15

Oh, there you are. You sure are a sight for sore eyes. You may have noticed that we took a little break from Endorsements. In that time we've been doing a lot of looking at things and not a lot of anything else, really.. So, yes, our eyes are sore but it's a pleasure to see (and be seen by) you. Speaking of Endorsements, they're back this week with a bang. Look at them down there and add to the mix. You've had a couple weeks to think about it...

And speaking of weeks, in ONE WEEK we will be back in Philadelphia for the Sundrop Music Festival at The Fire. See?

How fun is that going to be? Our bf's from Michigan Abraham will be there with us and then we'll be with them on Sunday back in Brooklyn at Shea Stadium. This will be our last show in NY for a little while so we hope to see you out there.

Now, let's use our eyeballs for the reason the goldsmith gave them to us: reading Endorsements, duh!

Posted on May 15, 2015 .

Friday Endorsements 04.10.15

How does one get to the place where they can endorse?  


Take a left on Metropolitan, follow that till you pass the bodega with the misspelled awning, slight right on Purple Parkway S.

You're gonna want to get in the middle lane until Tracey St. which seems like a dead end but just forks. Stay straight. You'll see 3 or 4 Endorsable establishments on the left. Choose any of them. Swing in to the alley (parking in the back), hop inside, and use one of their hotspots to blog about how you feeeeel, baby.  

Like this... 

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Friday Endorsements 04.03.15

Holy Handsome Devil! We want to sincerely thank you all for making last weekend so awesome. From Boston to Philly, we were floating on root beer. Look!


 Whippin it up on Walden Pond! 

Whippin it up on Walden Pond! 

But, we aren't here to float today. We're here to melt some precious metals in the Fire of Friday Endorsements (FFE)! You knew that. So, light a spark and endorse with us! We want to hear from you...

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Friday Endorsements 03.20.15

Hey there, hi there, hello there! Let's keep this simple so we can get to the meat and potatoes, eh? 

First, you simply must be informed about our mini-tour next weekend with That Handsome Devil! We're taking Boston to Church on Thursday the 26th, making a Cameo in Brooklyn on Friday the 27th, and then will set The Fire to Philly Saturday the 28th. Joined by more great bands at all three!

Do you live at there? Show us yr faces! Do you have friends who live at there? Spread the bloody word! Here is the poster by our patron saint James PM Lee: 


Now we focus. We sharpen our knives. We endorse. Follow the links and take a bite... 

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Friday Endorsements 03.13.15


Love is strange. Endorse it. 


Listen up! Find a lock, try some keys. Call your landlord. Endorse it. 

What will tomorrow? Where will today? 
Are you all out there, all really there?

Endorse it. 

Endorse an endorsement. Dispute an endorsement. 

Take an endorsement and put it on file. 

Just don’t forget. 

Night moves are secret. Endorse it. 

Stray dogs! Here they come. Call your mom. Endorse it. 

Click the links. Pick a route. Share the best. 

Or wait a week. 

This is entirely 

This is entirely 

up to you...

What do you choose? 

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Do you know James? Master Wong, Prime Minister Lee, dogboy, RoboJamesin PM? Goodnight!

This is a man who has wrestled usurpers off both world and NBP stages in defense of the collective good. This is a man who has disarmed a gunman so that all of King's County might be free to drink in peace, at least for one night.

He is a filmmaker, graphic artist, political warrior, master debator, comedian, lover, and dear friend.  If you've ever seen a NBP flyer or music video, you've likely seen his work. 

Next week, on Thursday March 5th, we're asking all of you to rally in support of this great man. We're asking you to come to King's County Saloooon, get a little toasty, see some great music, and help us raise some funds so that James can get back his thievered tools.


Working Harder Together will present 'Bands Against Burglary', a one time community curated fundraiser and rock'n'roll show. Nobody likes to get robbed, right? Almost everybody likes cheap drinks, raffle prizes, original artwork, and fantastic music. 

Check out the Facebook event page for more details:


Or if you are unable to join us next weekend but still want to help, just visit this page and donate: 



And now, we endorse like the wind!  

Posted on February 26, 2015 .


Hello, dear readers. How’s your constitution? 

Say, we've got a busy weekend underway! This morning we were on WFMU's Knuckle Sandwich with Dave Bombay, playing some tunes and talking shop, ok? 6-9 a.m. Maybe you missed it? You will be able to find it here:


Are you living in or near PHILADELPHIA? Come to a killer house party at the Spruce Caboose today starting at 8:00 p.m. Featuring the likes of:

ULTHAR >> Philly, weird and heavy


BLOODPHEASANT >> Providence, folk and dooooom


HARRIS HAWK >> Boston, rifffffz


and us, 

NOT BLOOD PAINT >> Brooklyn, so many harmonies!

@ 5034 Spruce Street, Philly, PA. Here’s the Facebook Event Page: 



Or mayhaps you are a BALTIMORE resident? Are you? Well? Our buddies in Western Star are throwing a dungeon warming party this Saturday (2/21) and we’ll be playing music starting at 9:00 p.m. and rolling all night long. Grayling Sky will be there, too! Here is the address for that:

4226 Thorncliff Rd. 

Nottingham, MD

And the Facebook event page:


Be with us, ok?


Next week: When the moment comes, you will recognize it. You will act. You will choose. You will endorse. Just like we’re doing now behind these links...

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Listen! And but how the story changes, back from the way it was told before, back then when it happened the first time. All the way to the quilt draped over a quilt draped over a historical object that is given today, in the books, told today in the school lessons of USA children, narrated in action films where lots of stuff gets blown up, today.  

It goes like this: In the 3rd month of human female pregnancy, the foetus that has been growing is, in an instant, imbued with the consciousness of all things past, mis-narrated past, present, probable future - all possible forks in every moment of agency concentrated to one single timeless point.  

It is then that the Goldsmith descends from the antechamber, BOPS! the foetus on the crown, knocking it out of its oceanic suspended animation, and erasing its memory of all things. The baby takes its first step (as far as it knows) into line-time. It then becomes the optional task of the born human being to go about collecting experiences and recovering memories. This is hard work, filled with pain that deepens as time continues to move in a line, back to front. 

At the end of a life span in line-time, there is no guarantee of personal possession. There is no certainty that in the 3rd minute before life ends, the Goldsmith won’t descend again from the antechamber, and BOP! Erased go the collected memories, the myriad crystalline clusters of associations, erased and gone with a single BOP!

Why does the Goldsmith with all the crown BOPPING? Who’s are the memories that get collected, who owns them? Are they destroyed or merely inaccessible to born babies once BOPPED on the head?

Nobody knows. There is no guarantee. 

...and but Perhaps in this story that once was a different story, it is with faith why we collect experiences and convert them into memories. and Could it be it is this sense type of faith that suggests to us that while individual identities and personalities may not get to own or keep experiences, as ecstatic or tortured or unique or banal as they may have been, they are not deleted. They can be found, recovered, utilized for purposes currently unrecognized. Even without certainty, we collect and work and experience and remember until we can no longer - an archeology of mind. 

Is that how it is? Is it with faith that we Endorse?




Not Blood Paint

Posted on February 13, 2015 .


It is Friday! Tomorrow, it will be Saturday. We shall play a show on Saturday. Come to AVIV tomorrow and catch an earful of the extremely awesome Sister Helen and more! Doors are at 8:00. No, we aren't playing in a food cart. We're playing NEAR one, see? 


Quick, let's endorse before the horses get spooked! You know how we do it. Just take some words and add a little...

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